Joel Hussey For State Representative

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to earn your support to bring much needed change to the Washington State House of Representatives and build on positive developments during the last legislative session, including a significant increase in school funding that had been repeatedly blocked by House leadership in favor of entrenched special interests!  


It’s time for fresh thinking and a new, bi-partisan approach in House of Representatives! 

It is time to elect JOEL HUSSEY (pronounced: HUE-SEE) as your Representative in the State House.


 Joel Top Rated Candidate by the Non-Partisan Municipal League of King County!




Joel has been Verified!

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Candidate Verification

The Municipal League of King County, a non-partisan citizen watchdog organization, is using a new “Candidate Verification” service to assess the background of candidates. What you’ll find if you click this link is that I have accurately represented my professional and educational background and have no criminal record.


What people who know Joel are saying:


 "Joel has served our community tirelessly as a volunteer. I know he cares deeply and will do the right thing in Olympia, for the families, taxpayers, small business, and schools of our district."

       - Kathy Lambert, King County Councilmember

"We need courageous leadership and big thinkers who can solve our biggest problems with integrity and fiscal responsibility. Joel Hussey will do a great job for us"

       - Dr. Chip Kimball, Former Superintendent of the Lake Washington School District

"I'm voting for Joel because he has the qualities we need in Olympia right now. He understands schools, job creation and budgets. And he has the courage to do what's right."

        - Senator Andy Hill

 "We are thrilled a man of Joel’s character, leadership and intellect is willing to sacrifice his own well being and run for the state legislative position to make a difference in others lives."

      - Jeff and Lean Crosby

 "It is rare to find a person with outstanding character and competence and Joel is that rare individual."

       - David Giannini

 "I have known and worked with Joel for over 10 years and can attest to his strong work ethic, soundness of moral character, and ‘common sense’ approach to getting things done. The good people of Washington, regardless of political affiliation, will benefit from Joel’s experience and perspective."

       - Robert Gates

 "I have known Joel both personally and professionally for more than a dozen years. You could not meet a more giving, dedicated and honest man. He has been very successful in business and his commitment to the community has been significant. Joel is responsive, knowledgeable, professional and a genuinely good guy to know. Most important of all…Joel and Christi have also raised four of the most amazing kids. I have always considered Joel a good friend and he is just the right person to get local government on the right track."

      - Jeff Tisdale

 "I’ve known Joel Hussey for five years. He exudes integrity in his family, business and community. I can think of no better person to be a fair-minded, savvy, yet down-to-earth representative than him."

      - Nse Ekpo

 "Joel is an ideal candidate for State Representative — he is an able advocate of his own views, and yet is open to hear viewpoints of others with whom he may disagree."

      - Joe Stansell

 "Joel is an outstanding leader with a clear and concise message to bring to the legislature.  He has my endorsement.  Vote Joel."

       - Pete Lewis, Former Mayor of Auburn